The change of year shouldnt really affect me because i believe that people should wake up differently in good way every each day, not only on 00.00 January 1st.

Well i got lots holiday and leisure times for a month, it is time to go back reality and reach the future. There are many things scare me today, but I have to believe to God yet still do my best to get what I want.


God morgen!

Here is the-27452839-th-blog of mine since I was born. Hopefully, this one will educate and inspire the reader, unlike my another 27452838 blogs before which is full of my own thoughts and life stories. So, this blog contains useful features like food or drink recipes, reviews of books and films, do it yourself-kind-of-thing, travels diary, oceanography, life styles, or even poems and fictions.

Well, this blog’s name is elsker; means “love” in norsk.
Why elsker? I don’t know (he he), the idea appears in sudden when I started customizing the blog. Furthermore, I have planned to write at least once every two days. And after a month, I’ll join some blog communities.